Ext JS 4 Apollo ThemeI recently published a new free Ext JS 4 Apollo theme that I have been working on for the last month. Apollo Theme is a professional Sencha Ext JS 4 theme that you can use to make your web applications even more beautiful and user friendly. The new Apollo theme is based on more darker colors. A lot of black and dark gray colors are used in the design it self. I put a lot of attention in designing awesome looking sliders and icons for the Apollo Theme. All of the icons were custom made and I put a lot of work in all the little details. Hope you guys like it!

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Sencha Ext JS 4 Apollo theme is now available for download. This theme is custom made to fit my personal apps that I build for my clients and is a product of a long period development of modern web apps using Sencha Ext JS 4 framework. This lovely Apollo theme will make your Ext JS 4 web apps look even more professional.

Ext JS 4 Apollo Theme is a very elegant theme in black and dark grey colors and is perfect if you are building a professional Ext JS 4 application. My clients love it! It has custom made icons, very stylish sliders and buttons, etc. I have been using this theme in applications that I have built for my clients and it was and still is tested in production several times, however if you want to use this theme with custom plugins and third-party Ext JS 4 code, you will have to adjust the Ext JS 4 Apollo Theme with a custom css file.

Preview the Ext JS 4 Apollo Theme!

[download id=”2″ format=”3″]

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