PHP Coding Standards - Best Practices To Use

Metadata is data or information about web site contents that can be easily gathered using SEO Meta Tags Checker Function, and is written in a form of HTML tags and placed in HTML header of a website. They provide all sorts of information about a HTML document. Metadata is not displayed on the page but instead is machine parsable. This means, that web spiders are able to read and evaluate metadata in order to position a web document in their search index. SEO Meta tags are used to precisley describe the content of a website in order to achieve a better SEO rank in some search engine, usually Google. If you run a large website which has many outgoing links, it is very wise to describe those links, so the link titles and descriptions will contain content that is similar or somehow connected to yours. I wrote a simple PHP SEO Meta Tags Checker Function that I use to gather as much information from a URL as possible without scanning the site manually and copy/paste the data. What this function does, it automatically gathers all the meta tags from a given URL. It can also recover just specific SEO meta tags e.g. description or keywords.

Hope you find this PHP SEO Meta Tags Checker Function useful on your website.