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MySQL Related Products Query

MySQL Related Products Query

Web applications usually consist among other things of list of products or other items that are stored in a database and are indexed. SQL databases are very often used to store data from these simple web applications and also from more advanced apps. Web programmers use either a MySQL database or a MSSQL database to store web application data. When we have a list of products that we want our visitors to interact with, there is a nice feature that can be added to products or items and that is related products that can be implemented using a simple Related Products Query. Related products are items from our SQL database that share some similarities with the product or item our web site visitor is currently viewing. With this technique we can offer our visitors other relevant products based on their interests and thus increase product sales, page impressions, conversion rates or some other parameters that can benefit our web site monetization. If we want to be able to find similarities between our products we need to have a way to mark their properties, so we can tell our database in a MySQL query what to return.

Adding a list of related products to your web site or web application is very easy to implement. For starters, you need to look at your MySQL database structure and create some sample tables. For this example I will be using three database tables, one to hold my products, one to hold a list of tags that I will tag the products with and one to connect the two together.

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Virtuemart One Page Checkout

A row of shopping carts.

A row of shopping carts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote Virtuemart one page checkout tutorial becouse I’ve experienced great results using it on my client’s production shopping carts. A lot of shopping carts are dealing with severe cart abandonment, becouse thier shops are not optimised for the maximum conversion rates. Imagine if you would be able to prevent just a small percentage of these abandoned carts, how would that influence your revenues and profits.

I like to use Joomla and Virtuemart when I build custom shopping carts for my clients, and I had a lot of trouble with improving conversion rates for my clients. Recently I had a problem where one of my client’s shop had very low conversions and I decided it is time that I make a Virtuemart add-on called Virtuemart one page checkout.

Virtuemart One Page Checkout immediatley started to bring results and conversion rates increased by almost 8%. This is becouse Virtuemart one page checkout is faster and easier for users to understand and use, and makes the whole shopping experience a lot faster and user-friendly. Shoppers know all the time what they must do and where they are in the process.

To modify Virtuemart to display Virtuemart one page checkout, you have to modify some core files. Remember that you do this at your own risk. You should always make back-ups of the files you are abour to modify. Read More

Competitor Monitoring and Analysis Guide

Competitor Monitoring and Analysis - A Short Guide

No business, big or small, is isolated from its market and each and every one has to deal with customers, suppliers and employees in order to succed. Also every business sooner or later has to deal with its competition in one way or another. Competitor monitoring is becoming more and more important each day as your competitors are after the same objectives as you are – growth, profit and success.

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Metro Web UI Design Resources

Web design is getting better by the day and as you all probably already heard, Microsoft is about to release new version of Windows that brings us entirely different approach in UX experience and design called the Metro UI Design. Microsoft spent a great deal of money and invested a lot of research and work hours into developing a completly new Metro Design Pattern that is about to replace the old UI with classic bar button pattern. I am a design freak and I love to watch and use great products and I must admint that I am very impress with the way Microsoft made their new concept look like and I think this is one of the most trending news in web designers world at the moment and in near future.

As a web designer I was searching for ways to implement Metro Web UI Design great design philosophy into my own work and found a lot of different Metro Web UI Design resources that were already available on the web.

I ended up developing my own  metro web UI Design resources becouse I was working on a very special enterprise application that needed a lot of custom work.

Any way, if you would like to know more about Metro Web UI Design Concept or Metro Web UI Design resources, just follow the links bellow and start learning and exploring

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Change scrollbar style with CSS

Change scrollbar style with CSS

So your designer gave you a design for a web app where he planned custom scrollbars for every element of the design and now you are asking yourself how can I change scrollbar style with CSS only. This is a fairly common task when implementing designer’s ideas into your application. So one way to do it is by using javascript scrollbar replacements like jScrollPane and similar scrollbar plugins which allow you to style scrollbars but are sometimes difficult to implement.

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