Kompetoo Competitor Monitoring tool

I am pleased to announce Kompetoo, a competition monitroing tool that will allow companies to follow their competition onilne and stay in touch with everything that goes on in their industry on a daily basis.

Why should you do competition monitoring?

Competition monitoring is a very important task in today’s business enviroment. Not only that you want to know what your competitiors are doing, but you also want to know what is going on in your entire industry. Let’s say that John and Jim are CEO’s of a small web development companies that make web shops. John always looks what Jim’s company is doing, where do they advertise, what do they post on social networks, what they publish on their website, … But Jim doesn’t care about his competition. He has lots of clients at the time being and that is enough for him and his company. But what Jim doesn’t know is that John started with a massive LinkedIn Campaign and improved his Twitter presence cut his prices for 20% and started to gain a lot of clients. Suddenly Jim’s clients are switching sides and before Jim knows it John is the the new market leader.

Why Kompetoo?

Kompetoo is a very simple and affordable tool that automates competition monitoring and delivers you daily or weekly updates about your competitors and industry. You can also share the content easily with your employees trough the app’s activity screen online.

The idea of for a competition monitoring tool rised from my experience with modern information chaos that goes on these days on the internet. I was searching for a way to organize the important data and display it in a meaningfull way. I realised that a tool that would allow me to do that does not yet exist.

Sureky there are solution available out there that make competition monitoring available to everyone, but they are more or less compromises and not the wanted solution. Kompetoo will bring order to chaos, by merging the important info together and try to display it to the user in a much more informative way.

Kompetoo is analysing every piece of data it can find online about 5 competitiors you want. Every bit of information is carefully analysed and categorized so you can get a daily or weekly report (depends on your account) about your competitors activity.

Where can I sign in?

Kompetoo is currently still in private beta but I am getting public beta ready in couple of months so quickly sign up to get the early access at http://kompetoo.com/signup/