Competitive Analysis For Successful Marketing

When you want to promote your company or your client’s product or website you always¬†have to do a competitive analysis before you plan your marketing moves. Making a usefull competitive analysis is not an easy task as one must manually go trough different offline and online indexes or searches to find your competitors marketing channels, focused keywords, customer reach, product features and prices, etc.

Nowadays most people use online marketing as a very important marketing and sales channel so with web being so open, all the needed info to make a quality competitor analysis as at our hands. Analysing web competitors means to¬†evaluate the competition to find out what sites are dominating the SERPs for selected keywords. However… this kind of data analysis seems to be very time consuming and since we are all very busy guys, I am wondering how do you preform your competitive analysis and what parameters do you focus on? How do you automate things?

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