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Optimizing AngularJS App With Simple Tricks


Me and my team at Comland are developing a hybrid mobile app (with Ionic) that basically uses SQLite as a data source to build a totally dynamic form that users then fill out. Forms are build out of sections and sections are build out of fields. Each field is a separate custom directive (like input, dropdown, etc.) that receives the setup object (ui.config) on init. The directives are totally reusable and they carry all the information to render (template, logic, validation, special functions, etc.).

But… Some of the forms that we build with this app can easily reach 100 + fields per page so we often encounter a frozen UI. Our code that outputs the form was organized in three ng-repeat loops in the form itself and we tried to replace them with quick-ng-repeat, use bindeonce and built in ::, but no serious improvement was made. UI still stucked. So there was a huge need for optimizing AngularJS app.

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Stop Digest Errors in Angular Filters


Lately I have been working on a fairly large project for a very important client that is basically a large search application with all sorts of custom filters. Filters are built of different topics which all include a large data set with a lot of properties (basically results of an SQL query) and a lot of custom filters to filter that data set in real time on frontend as user changes these custom filters. 

The biggest issue of all was how to implement a totally dynamic filter function that can filter on the entire data set at once without impact on performance. 

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New premium Ext JS 4 Apollo Theme

Ext JS 4 Apollo ThemeI recently published a new free Ext JS 4 Apollo theme that I have been working on for the last month. Apollo Theme is a professional Sencha Ext JS 4 theme that you can use to make your web applications even more beautiful and user friendly. The new Apollo theme is based on more darker colors. A lot of black and dark gray colors are used in the design it self. I put a lot of attention in designing awesome looking sliders and icons for the Apollo Theme. All of the icons were custom made and I put a lot of work in all the little details. Hope you guys like it!

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Kompetoo – Competition Monitoring Tool

Kompetoo Competitor Monitoring tool

I am pleased to announce Kompetoo, a competition monitroing tool that will allow companies to follow their competition onilne and stay in touch with everything that goes on in their industry on a daily basis.

Why should you do competition monitoring?

Competition monitoring is a very important task in today’s business enviroment. Not only that you want to know what your competitiors are doing, but you also want to know what is going on in your entire industry. Let’s say that John and Jim are CEO’s of a small web development companies that make web shops. John always looks what Jim’s company is doing, where do they advertise, what do they post on social networks, what they publish on their website, … But Jim doesn’t care about his competition. He has lots of clients at the time being and that is enough for him and his company. But what Jim doesn’t know is that John started with a massive LinkedIn Campaign and improved his Twitter presence cut his prices for 20% and started to gain a lot of clients. Suddenly Jim’s clients are switching sides and before Jim knows it John is the the new market leader.

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Optimizing and Profiling MySQL Databases

MySQL Related Products Query

Last week we started receiving monitoring alerts about the server load being to high for our real-time monitoring system application, that is gathering events from multiple monitoring systems and show’s them at a lovely dashboard. To get the real-time effect on a web application you really have a couple of options for getting the data show to the user. Lately there are web sockets and server sent events, but a while back the only method was long polling. So this means running a AJAX request every X seconds to see if there is anything new to show to the user.

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Kako poteka kvalitetna izdelava spletne strani?

kako poteka kvalitetna izdelava spletne strani?

Kvalitetna izdelava spletne strani naj ne bo prepuščena sama sebi ali nekemu zunanjemu podjetju temveč naj bo plod temeljitega premsleka in dobre organizacije na vaši strani.  V današnjem času je spletna podoba podjetja postala nekaj povsem običajnega in pričakovanega, zato je zelo pomembno kakšna ta podoba je. Danes žal ni več dovolj zgolj lepo oblikovana spletna stran in odlični izdelki v vaši ponudbi. Splet se je, zahvaljujoč socialnim omrežjem, pričel spreminjati v realnem času. Kako lahko torej majhno podjetje ostane konkurenčno?

Ena izmed kritičnih komponent, da ostanete konkurenčni je, da se lotite priprave kvalitetnih vsebin za aktualne teme iz vašega področja.

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PHP Coding Standards – Best Practices To Use

PHP Coding Standards - Best Practices To Use

I am working on a large project in my company Astec in we decied that we will be using Codeiginter for the MVC framework to develop a web application. Before this project, we never had any PHP coding standards defined, so our source code was mostly very caotic to look at. We wanted to do this project the right way so we wanted to use some standards to make sense out of everything.


When we started preparing the development plan we decided that we want to apply some kind of simple coding rules to our code so we can understand each other when it comes to code. So we started searching for PHP Coding Standards that were both easy to implement and use and on the other hand had all the needed rules.

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Generate SEF URLs with PHP

Generate SEF URLs with PHP

When writing a custom website or web application, one of the essential things are SEF URLs. I as most freelance web developers use PHP a lot and I wrote a nice little script that generates SEF URLs with PHP for me, so my pages get a nice boost in Google search engine. Search engine friendly URLs play a major part in the ranking of your website in search engine index (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and they also make the first indication of your blog post or website content.

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Competitive Analysis For Successful Marketing

Competitive Analysis For Successful Marketing

When you want to promote your company or your client’s product or website you always have to do a competitive analysis before you plan your marketing moves. Making a usefull competitive analysis is not an easy task as one must manually go trough different offline and online indexes or searches to find your competitors marketing channels, focused keywords, customer reach, product features and prices, etc.

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