lci inventory of coal mining

Life Cycle Inventory Analysis of Fossil Energies in Japandesigned to make a life cycle inventory (LCI) analy- sis of major fossil energies (coal, oil, LPG, LNG) imported to Japan pursuant to the concept of ISO. 14040 provided by the International Standardization. Organization (ISO). The scope of the analysis basi- cally spans mining, liquefaction, overseas transpor- tation, refining.lci inventory of coal mining,Application of life cycle assessment to estimate . - Scholars' Minebeen done on coal use, particularly in electricity generation, but, the coal mining stage has been neglected, for the most part. This has resulted in data gaps in the life cycle inventory (LCI) of coal and, consequently, in the LCIs for electricity and other products that are linked to coal. The situation has resulted in incomplete.

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Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) - Cfpub.epa…Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data- Treatment Chemicals, Construction Materials,. Transportation .. Production of hydrated lime as presented in (Kellenberger, Althaus et al., 2007) .... 14. Figure 8. ... fossil cumulative energy demand (i.e., from hard coal, lignite, peat, natural gas, and crude oil) and the CED of nuclear,.lci inventory of coal mining,An LCA study of an electricity coal supply chain - Journal of .The model represents a “Mining to Products (MTP)” system as distinct from a “Cradle to Grave” system. This means that coal's end of life (recycling) is not included in the study. 3.2. Life cycle inventory (LCI). 3.2.1. Main processes. The LCI of the waste gas emissions released by the system are shown in Appendix A. All the.

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lci inventory of coal mining,

revised final report life cycle inventory of postconsumer hdpe .

LCI PRACTITIONER METHODOLOGY VARIATION . ... CHAPTER 3 – LIFE CYCLE INVENTORY RESULTS FOR PRODUCTION OF ... Coal. •. Nuclear. •. Hydropower. •. Other. The “other” category includes sources such as solar, biomass and geothermal energy. Also included in the LCI energy profile are the Btu values.

Life cycle inventory database for steel industry products . - Worldsteel

Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) is one of the phases of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA is a tool to assist with the . The worldsteel Board of Directors initiated a global 'LCI on steel industry products' in the 1990s to .. used to generate electricity are assumed to replace coal mining and combustion for electricity generation.

Life cycle inventory databases: importance and challenges - Ecoinvent

Jun 24, 2015 . application of LCA. Goal and scope definition. Life Cycle Inventory analysis. Impact assessment. Interpre tatio n. LCI dataset of chair production . to estimate the impact of chair production in Turkey. Garbage in, garbage out! The results will be Misleading! 0. 0.2. 0.4. 0.6. 0.8. 1. 1.2 g CO. 2 eq/kWh. Coal. 7%.

An LCA study of an electricity coal supply chain - UPCommons

The model represents a “Mining to Products (MTP)” system as distinct from a “Cradle to Grave” system. This means that coal's end of life (recycling) is not included in the study. 3.2. Life cycle inventory (LCI). 3.2.1. Main processes. The LCI of the waste gas emissions released by the system are shown in Appendix A. All the.

lci inventory of coal mining,

Eco-profiles :: PlasticsEurope

PlasticsEurope's Eco-profiles comprise Life Cycle Inventory datasets (LCI) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for plastics. . Methyl chloride production Chlorosilanes production Silicone production Silicon production Quartz mining Charcoal production Coke production Wood growing & harvesting Coal mining.

Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Coal Mining

Feb 23, 2016 . inventory (LCI) items are calculated as the functional unit's. proportional share of the full environmental flows from each. process. 362 Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Coal Mining. of environmental elements and impact categories (Owens,. 1997), compared to other environmental evaluation.

Model of environmental life cycle assessment for coal mining .

and output elements (LCI - Life Cycle Inventory) and life cycle impact as- sessment (LCIA). The scope of the LCA model includes unit processes within coal mine system boundaries from producing raw materials,. Table 1. Damage categories and impact categories applied at the normalization and weighting stage in the.

Reducing Uncertainty in LCI - Miljøstyrelsen

21. 3.2 REDUCIBLE AND IRREDUCIBLE UNCERTAINTIES. 22. 3.3 DETERMINING THE MINIMUM UNCERTAINTY IN A LIFE CYCLE. INVENTORY. 22. 3.4 THE INFLUENCE .. IISI. (1998). Worldwide LCI database for steel industry products. ... also vary. From coal mining, Frischknecht (1996) cites OECD for a range of.

Life Cycle Assessment of a Diesel Engine Based on . - Science Direct

environmental impacts over the entire life cycle of product,. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been applied intensively and has received great attention from industry and academia. Life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis is the foremost constituent of LCA, in which the data are collected and organized. LCI is the basis to evaluate.


224 records . Home; Search. Quick · Advanced · History. Download. Current Cart · All Unit Process Datasets. Lists. Elementary Flow Names · Product Names · 'Cutoff' Product Names · Contact Us; Help. Overview; Search. Basic Search · Advanced Search · Search History · Downloading · Register · Sign-in · Sign-in to download.

Copper Environmental Profile - Copper Alliance

to provide information and life cycle data from the mining stage to copper production . Inventory (LCI) provides critical environmental information from mining .. COPPERALLIANCE.ORG | 6. Type. Flow. Concentrate. (28% Cu). Cathode. Unit. Energy resources. Crude oil. 4,700. 15,000. MJ. Hard coal. 4,800. 17,000. MJ.

Updated Life Cycle Inventory of Copper: Imports . - (GREET) Model

U.S. Energy Information Administration. EPA. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. GHG greenhouse gas. GREET. Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation. ICEV internal combustion engine vehicle. LCA life cycle analysis. LCI life cycle inventory. LX-SX-EX leaching solvent extraction.

Life Cycle Analysis: Supercritical Pulverized Coal (SCPC) - National .

PULVERIZED COAL (SCPC) POWER PLANT. DOE/NETL-403-110609. FINAL REPORT. September 30, 2010. NETL Contacts: Timothy Skone. Lead General Engineer. Office of Systems, Analyses, and Planning. Robert James. General Engineer. Office of Systems, Analyses, and Planning. National Energy Technology.

Life Cycle Inventories and Life Cycle Assessments of . - IEA-PVPS

Kim, M. Raugei, M. Stucki, 2015, Life Cycle Inventories and Life Cycle Assessment of .. is defined as the energy embodied in natural resources (e.g., coal, crude oil, natural gas, uranium) that has not undergone .. corresponds to REC product-specific Si production; the corresponding LCI data are not publically available.

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Jun 21, 2017 . 1150 hrs – 1335 hrs : Session 2 : Life Cycle Inventory. One of the objectives of the SRI-LCI project is to focus on developing basic data for the assessment of environmental life cycle . specific LCI for electricity, cement, steel, coal mining, plastic recycling, agriculture and textile, etc. 1150 hrs : Opening.

Life Cycle Inventory of three single-serving soft drink containers

Aug 14, 2009 . The report that follows is a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) of three single-serving soft drink containers. Funding . EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – LIFE CYCLE INVENTORY OF THREE SOFT DRINK. CONTAINERS. .. use of petroleum, natural gas, or coal for the production of materials instead of for combustion as.

Life Cycle Inventories of Electricity Mixes and Grid - ESU-services Ltd.

Jun 25, 2014 . This report describes the life cycle inventories of electricity production in selected African, American,. Asian, Australian and . Within the category of the fossil fuels electricity generation using hard coal, lignite, peat, industri- al gases, fuel oil, .. 198. 4.3.4. LCI of electricity transmission and distribution .

Bottom-up approaches to estimate life cycle GHG emissions . - unece

Imperial College's Life cycle assessment (LCA) model. ○ LCA boundaries of CCS system. ○ Life cycle inventory (LCI) modelling example LCI models for coal and gas. ○ Case study: Middle East natural gas production, LNG transport and power generation in the UK. ○ Limitations of current bottom-up studies used to.

AusLCI Database Manual V1.26

Aug 4, 2015 . The Australian National Life Cycle Inventory Database (AusLCI) is a major initiative delivered by the . life cycle inventory (LCI) data, along with protocols for LCA processes for different sectors. ... Fuel data was developed for coal mine reports from selected Australian coal mines and from National.

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